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Krista Craig, Salesperson

STEP 1 – Get to Know the Market
Visit sites such as to view homes currently for sale in your neighbourhood.  Get to know the competition!  Knowing what your home will be competing with will help give you an edge.  Bear in mind, though, that these sites only tell half the story – the asking price !  I can help you determine the best asking price for your home based on what other homes in your neighbourhood actually SOLD for!   

STEP 2 – Interview Real Estate Agents
The horse and buggy was pretty fabulous!  It made travel so much easier than the ‘ole heel-toe express.  At the time, who could imagine that travelling could get any better.  But it did.  With the invention of the automobile, people could get places faster – and with less effort!  Now, I’m not suggesting that you ask Real Estate agents “Are you a horse and buggy, or a Roadster?”…but seriously, which are they?  Use this checklist to find out for yourself. CLICK HERE> Real Estate Agent Interview Checklist  


STEP 3 – Prepare Your Home
You can’t control the location of your home, or the current market conditions – but you can control the condition and presentation of your home!  Entire television networks have been created to help homeowners with the presentation of their home.  Buyers nowadays have what I like to call “HGTV Syndrome”.  They see meticulously staged, impeccably clean houses on the TV shows – AND THEY WANT THEM!  Give them what they want!  A little elbow grease and de-cluttering (you’re moving anyways!), can mean thousands of dollars back in your pocket! For Top 10 Staging Tips, Click Here> Top 10 Staging Tips   

STEP 4 – Create a Marketing Plan
When you list your home, you get a sign on the lawn and a listing on, right?  Well, yes…but that’s not all you should be getting.  Today’s Buyers and Sellers are internet savvy (just look at you!).  Krista Craig specializes in online marketing…having a strong online presence means that MORE BUYERS will see your home.  When you have more online buyers seeing your home, as part of a coordinated overall selling strategy, you create more demand for your home, which in turn can mean a higher sale price!   Contact us today to find out how we will market your home!   

STEP 5 – On the Market
“I’ll just stay home in case they have any questions…”, “Rufus is only a little dog, and he will only bark for a minute…”   Oh, dear.  We need to talk.  There are a number of things sellers can do once their home is on the market that can help or hinder a sale.  Keep this check-list handy once you’re ready for showings! Click Here > Showtime     ​

Congratulations!  All your hard work paid off and you have an offer on your house.  Now what?  Read about the offer process in this article.  Click Here> The Offer
​So you’ve decided to sell.  Every homeowner has different reasons for wanting to sell their home.  What every homeowner has in common is the desire to sell their home for the MOST money, in the shortest amount of time.Many homeowners find that selling their home is one of the most stressful times in their lives…but it doesn’t have to be!  Knowing the process BEFORE you start, and preparing your home (and yourself) ahead of time can help you feel at ease and in control of the sale of your home.Below are a series of articles I have written and/or compiled which I think EVERY homeowner should read before they put their home on the market.I’ve converted all of these articles to a PDF, so you can print them and keep them with your home selling files if you prefer…to view each article, just click on the link!  ​